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Phil Lesh and Friends Live at Nokia Theatre on 2007-11-05

Set I:

Jam > Brown-Eyed Women
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
Viola Lee Blues (v1) > Jam >
Operator > Jam >
Viola Lee Blues (v2) >
Next Time You See Me > Jam >
Viola Lee Blues (v3) >
Genetic Method* > Chest Fever* >

Set II:

crowd/tuning/Happy Birthday Ryan
Eyes Of The World >
Scarlet Begonias >
China Cat Sunflower >
Bird Song > Jam >
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
I Know You Rider >
Uncle John's Band >
Jam > Dark Star (v1) >
Franklin's Tower > Jam >
Dark Star (v2)
Donor Rap/Intros
Wharf Rat

Collection PhilLeshandFriends
Band/Artist Phil Lesh and Friends
Venue Nokia Theatre
Location New York, NY

Source Master Audience Cassettes; (FOB) 2 Sennheiser e835s > Sony TC-DM5
Lineage MAC (Maxell XLII's)> Nakamich Dragon> RCA/XLR> Lunatec V3 (@ 24bit/96kHz)> coax> Audiophile 2496> WaveLab 5.0> .wav @ 2496 > Waves L3 UltraMaximizer> .wav @ 16bit/44.1kHz> CD Wave Editor> TLH> FLAC16 (level 8).
Taped by Mark McCue & Alex Ford
Transferred by Alex Ford



- * 1st time played
- Set I w/ Steve Berlin of Los Lobos on keys for 1st song and then baritone saxophone rest of set.
- Set II with Ryan Adams


- This is an analog sourced recording, you'll be glad you downloaded it!
- SBE Free
- d1t01, the 1st 3:22mins of d1t02 and all tape flips were patched with shnid= 88303.
- 24 bit/96 kHz transfer, editing (all in 24/96) and conversion by Alex Ford, November 2007.
- A huge thank you to Andrew Kolodjeski for the loan of his recording equipment.
- This recording is dedicated to all the tapers who chuckled at Mark's tape deck ;) Enjoy!


Reviewer: Ichthyosaur - - March 19, 2008
Subject: They'll never know. . .
Its 7:08 in the morning, and I am at work preparing tax returns with Viola Lee CRANKED UP. My client will never know how funky his return is.
Reviewer: Jerry GarSeaver - - November 30, 2007
Subject: Great show
This was a great set! I was at Jackie's b-day show @ the warfield. It was insane. They started at 7:30 and ended at 1am. After hearing a few shows from this tour, and seeing Jackie with them, they have really got it together. Phil is on fire. I can't wait for the Mardi Gras show in January here in SF
Reviewer: johnny mo - - November 30, 2007
Subject: Tito&Smokey Must be Deaf - This Show SMOKES!
He did give it 1 star...not too bad for crap!

I went to 3 shows,sorry I missed Ryan..what a guy.

At least I can hear it here, thanks 4 posting!
Reviewer: toddamo - - November 28, 2007
Subject: Which recording is best?
Well...of course, it's based on everyone's subjective ears. However, this recording seems to have more presence and clarity than the other one here. Now...with that said...the other recording has a much fatter low end. And of course...Phil's low end is what many of us are here for. Still, I would give the nod to this recording...and turn up the BASS. :-)
Reviewer: tripperdog - - November 18, 2007
Subject: NY City kindness for P&F :)
Hey now! First I would like to thank NY City for NOT being anything like the reputation as fast, mean and you talkin to me !!! kinda edgy. The people were really genuine & nice, yep they were most accommodating, gave us directions, had the time to say a proper “hello”, great food and drink, absolute kindness, much thanks!!. To top it all off the locals even made space on the floor very near the stage at the Nokia for us. It was unreal being on the floor so close to Phil that you could lip read his subtle instructions and change ups to the "friends' he brought on stage that night in NY city. We lined up at 7pm and when we went in the floor was still wide open. This would never happen at the SF Warfield or any west coast show. Never would I think NY city would be like that, but there it was a spot on the floor so close and in the mix I am still in shock. Show was a one of a kind rockin good time. Ryan Adams added an element to the second set that was pure rock and he found a really kind groove that at times and danced on top of all the rest with his signature style. You could clearly see the eyes of Moliz, Larry, Jackie & Ryan reading from the teleprompters as the masters Phil & Molo lead the charge. And boy did they charge ahead, I did not see too much fear, just a few times when the old timers (Larry, Phil and Molo) had more sustained jams. Jackie has natural talent and with exposure and the boost to his career from a band like P&F he just may be off to the races. Thanks Phil for all you do, I am ever so humble , to say I really like your “friends”.
Reviewer: Albix - - November 18, 2007
Subject: Analog is better than good, it's best!
FWIW, Phil breathes new life into the GD standards. His band is absolutely sick. Very hot!

It's the whole Scarlet Begonias. Just click on the play box at the top right of the page.

Why analog? Go back and listen to an old LP (CSN&Y - DejaVu for example) and listen to it closely. It was originally recorded on Reel to Reel tape. Then play the CD. The LP will have that "fat" analog sound, lots of warmth. More than you prabaly want know is all here:

Mark McCue's photos:
(copy and paste into browser window)
Reviewer: scarletmagnolias - - November 16, 2007
Subject: Tito&Smokey Must be Deaf - This Show SMOKES!
Phil, the prankster that he is, decides to reward the attendees who crawled out of their respective hiding places for a behemoth of a Monday night show.

Some have complained that the first set of this tour served merely as a warmup, with little to no jamming to speak out. This show completely turns that theory on its head, as the band come storming out of the gates and don't relent until nearly 4 hours later with Ryan Adams doing a heart-wrenching rendition of Wharf Rat. Steve Berlin added some interesting texture with his baritone sax and really let the songs breathe, rather then playing dominating scales and stepping on other peoples toes. Jackie Greene really shines on Sugaree and this version is no execption. Smiles galore during set break. I talked to a bunch of people who said, "Man, that was great! It was like a second set!"

Speaking of which, the latter half of the show aint so bad either. Ryan Adams seems to have won over the naysayers and delviered (for the most part, excusing a few vocal miscues). The energy was sustained for the majority of the set, until Phil, once again the trickster, decided to drag out "Dark Star" at 12:15 in the morning. So much for that midnight curfew. The energy level sort of waned at this point, both band and audience were tired, but that didn't stop Professor Lesh from trying.

Overall, a must-listen to show. Fond memories of this night will be with me for a long, long time.
Reviewer: Tito&Smokey - - November 16, 2007
Subject: Crap
Wow..The recording might be good...but this band absolutely sucks.........fucking terrible.....Phil butchering Garcia songs is unintentional comedy in its highest form
Reviewer: criersmary - - November 16, 2007
Subject: Scarlet
was this a scarlet tease or the whole scarlet on this show? Why is analog so good? It is a great recording though
Reviewer: eeephour - - November 14, 2007
Subject: Agree on the richness of this recording
Here, here. It's really that good.

I've sampled some of the other versions of this show that have been upped on other sites and this recording is better (IMO).

Thanks to all the tapers!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: wharfrat04 - - November 13, 2007
Subject: love analog recordings
Haven't listened to the whole show yet but, the sound here is great much better than the other one posted of this date. Actually that recording's pretty good too but sounds ditant and not as clear as this one. Plus it doesn't have that rich, warm sound of an analog recording. The performance is good too. I caught 3 shows on this tour. The two in boston which I thought were good , and the one at moheagan which was alright. Fun none the less. But listening to the shows on the nokia run sounds like the bands really comming together. There playing a lot more trasitions and not so much stop and go. looking forward to a winter or spring tour. Thanks for posting this recording is great.
Reviewer: macdoogle - - November 13, 2007
Subject: thankyou to>
phil lesh and friends
their sound crew
the audiences each night
albix and the usual suspects.

grate run of shows and the most fun in a while.
who's goin to jackies b-day party?
on 11/12/2007
Phil Lesh and Friends
by Phil Lesh and Friends
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Phil Lesh and Friends
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Source: MAC; (FOB) 2 Sennheiser e835s > Hosa cables > Sony D5 > 3 Maxell XLII's
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